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AEMC MF 3000-10-2-1 Current Transformer

Model: MF 3000-10-2-1

AEMC MF 3000-10-2-1 MiniFlex 300/3000A, 10in, 10mV/1mV/A

$399.00 USD

1 to 2 Weeks

The AEMC MiniFlex® 3000-10-2-1 (300/3000A - 10mV/1mV/A) is a new flexible sensor for AC current measurements. Significantly more compact than the majority of the sensors on the market, the MiniFlex™ sensor can be used for measurements in confined spaces or places where access is difficult.

The AEMC MF 3000-10-2-1 has a 10" sensor length and is equipped with banana or BNC connector and can be connected directly to any multimeter, wattmeter or logger for effective measurements at the standard frequencies.
  • Measures from 0.5Arms to 3000Arms
  • Accuracy 1% of Reading ± 0.2A
  • TRMS measurements when connected to a TRMS instrument
  • No core saturation or damage if overloaded
  • Overrange LED for measurement circuitry
  • EN 61010; 1000V CAT III; 600V CAT IV; CE Mark
  • 20kHz frequency response
  • Low phase shift for power measurements
  • Insensitive to DC, measures only
  • AC component on DC + AC signals
  • Excellent linearity
  • Power measurements
  • Measurements on switchboards
  • Measurements on thyristors
  • Switching measurements (disconnecting switch, etc.)
  • Display of control signals

MODEL MF 300-6-2-10 MF 3000-10-2-1
Range 30/300A 300/3000A
Signal Output 100mV/10mV/A 10mV/1mV/A
Frequency Range 10 to 20kHz with current derating
Influence Of Conductor Positioning 1.5% typical, 3% max
Influence Of Conductor Positioning In Sensor Against Handle 4% typical, 5% max
External Conductor Influence 35dB to 40dB on contact
Sensor Diameter 5mm Ø (vs 12.5 for AmpFlex)
Sensor Length 6" (152mm) 10" (250mm)
Max Conductor Size 1.77" (45mm) 2.95" (74.9mm)
Connection Cable Length 6.5 ft (2m)
Drop Test Per IEC 68-2-32
Vibration Per IEC 68-2-6
Mechanical Shock Per IEC 68-2-27
Weatherproofing IP 45 (EN60529)
Operating Temperature Range 14° to 131°F (10° to +55°C)
Storage Temperature Range -40° to 158°F (-40° to +70°C)
Altitude Operating: 0 to 2000m, working voltage
derating above; Non-operating: 0 to 12,000m
Safety Rating EN 61010, 1000V CAT III; 600V CAT IV;
Pollution Degree II

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