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AEMC 275HVD Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Model: 275HVD

AEMC 275HVD Non-Contact High Voltage Detector

$359.00 USD

1 to 2 Weeks

Warns the operator of live conductors with the use of its detection sensor.

The AEMC 275HD Non-Contact High Voltage Detector is a high voltage detector by proximity. It is a product designed to warn the use of the presense of voltage in a particular work site.

An eight position rotary switch selects the detection range. The AEMC 275HVD uses an internal sensor designed to detect the radiated electrical field (V/m) present in energized conductors. The radiated electrical field increase with the line voltage but decrease with distance and/or shielding. When an electrical field is detected, a sound annuciator (high pitch-high powered buzzer) and visual indicators (bright LEDs) are triggered ON, warning the operator of live conductors.

The AEMC 275HVD is powered by three standard Alkaline C cell batteries and can be used both in- and out-of-doors. A universal spline on the back-end facilitates attachment to any standard hot stick. A self-test position ensures that all circuitry and annunciators are working properly before use.


  • Non-contact detection of live voltages
  • Check and detect live high voltage cables
  • Find faults in cables
  • Check grounding equipment
  • Service neon lighting
  • Trace live wires
  • Check high frequency radiation
  • Detect residual or induced voltages

What's Included

  • C Cell Batteries (x3)
  • Shotgun Adapter
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • User Manual

Key Features

  • Non-contact voltage detector
  • Wide range of detection; finds 80V to 275kV; one instrument fits all applications
  • Eight switch selectable voltage ranges
  • Lightweight, minimizes sway at the end of long hot sticks
  • Audible and visual indication of live voltage
  • Self-test position ensures that all system functions and indicators are working properly by energizing the complete system
  • Designed for use with hot sticks incorporating a shotgun adapter
  • Powered by three standard Alkaline C cell batteries
  • Shotgun adapter included


Range 240V, 2kV, 6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 132kV, 275kV
Detection Range selected @ approximately 10" (25cm), 45% to 65% of range @ approximately 4" (10cm), Greater detection distance obtained with lower range setting (higher sensitivity) than working voltage
Dimensions 3.78x9" (96x229mm)
Weight 1.30 lbs (0.59kg) batteries included
Operating Temperature 5 degree to 130 degree F (-15 degree to 55 degree C)
Sstorage Temperature -4 degree to 150 degree F (-20 degree to 65 degree C)
Humidity 0 to 93% RH @ 104 degree F (40 degree C)

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